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Data Doctor Length Area Unit Converter Calculator converts unit of length and area in other available units and computes prices of buying, selling and purchasing property. Software provides accurate, precise and exact cost of properties of any preferred unit. Utility transforms the unit of length to and from miles, cubits(roman), picas, mils, micrometers, astronomical units, geographical miles, chains(engineer), microns, points, admiralty angstroms, (common), (greeks), fathoms, feet(US survey), irish miles, hands, links(engineer), roman feet(pedes), pieds de roi, thous, leagues(US), (US land), (US sea), nautical miles(international), (telegraph), (UK), (US), scottish miles, nanometers, furlongs, roman miles(milia passuum), unciac(roman inches), shackles(12.5 fathoms), (15 fathoms) and pouces. Application changes the unit of area to and from hectares, acres, pyong, square centimeters, millimeter, poles, meters, feets, inches, rods, chains, kilometers, links, yards, townships, tatami(Jo), tsubo, dunams, perches, sections, ping, roods and ares for fast growing business and speed up of real estate sell purchase property dealing. Tool supports realtor to convert unit of residential and commercial plots, houses, lands, shops, flats length and area. Software supports unit conversion of very large size of property length and area. Features: * Software provides efficient unit conversion facilities to speed up of property related dealings. * Provides accurate and fast unit conversion and price calculation facilities with user friendly graphical user interface GUI. * Quickly converts all available length area units in other units. * Tool calculates and provides exact cost of property of any desired unit. * Helps to accelerate your real estate sell purchase business. * Calculator converts unit on Windows 98, 2k, NT, ME, XP, 2k3 and Windows XP media center.

Systems: Windows

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Reviews of Unit Converter Software

  • 02 May, 2015 20:18

    Fast and accurate conversion between various real estate related units.

  • 09 March, 2015 17:45

    Usable for unit conversion. Lightweight and easy to use.

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